My Hometown

Anamur is a town and district of the province of Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey, between Antalya and the city of Mersin. Anamur is Anatolia’s southernmost point, a coastal resort famous for its bananas and peanuts, as well as many other products. Anamur has mutated from the Ancient Greek: Anemourion, Latinized as “Anemurium”, meaning “windmill”.

 The local economy depends on agriculture, especially bananas and strawberries. The weather here is very, very hot and this is the only part of Turkey that can sustain bananas, there are banana plants everywhere and now other tropical fruits such as papaya, pineapples and avocados are being planted here too. Anamur produces 40% of Turkey’s strawberries. A traditional local speciality is taro (known locally as gölevez).

Places to Visit:

  • Mamure Castle (Mamure Kalesi)

  • Kosekbuku Asthma Cave (Köşekbükü Astim Magarasi)

  • Pullu I Nature Park (Pullu I Dogal Kamp Parki)

  • Anemurium Ancient City (Anamur Oren Yeri)

  • Pullu II Dikilitas Nature Park (Pullu II Dikilitaş Tabiat Parkı)

  • Alakopru

  • Anamur Museum (Anamur Muzesi)

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