• Novel Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis Anti-Cancer¬†Agents

  • Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials as Templates

  • Polyrotaxanes as Smart Polymer Binders and their Various End Applications


  • Design, creation and characterization of chemical compounds and materials for various end uses including but not limited to molecular electronics, energy harvesting and storage, and separations technology

  • Switchable rotaxanes and catenanes

  • Synthesis and applications of new generation late metal catalysts

  • Synthesis, purification, and structural characterization of 1,10-phenanthroline ligands and their copper (I) complexes, and their photochemical, electrochemical, and catalytic activities

  • [2]Rotaxane synthesis via a dynamic [2]catenane-ring-opening, axle-cleaving, olefin double Cross Metathesis

  • Ionic Liquid (IL) synthesis and their varies applications

  • Synthesis, purification, characterization, and applications on normal and cancer cells of an anti-cancer drug for breast cancer and brain metastasis

  • Synthesis of Indian yellow pigment and its applications on paintings

  • Time-resolved FTIR measurements of the thermally activated decay of meta-stable states I and II in Sodium Nitroprusside

  • Photochemical synthesis, synthesis of natural products, polymers, and extraction of oils from natural plants