• PhD & MSc in synthetic organic chemistry with specialization in organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, catalysis, photo-redox chemistry, ionic liquids, anti-cancer agent synthesis, small molecules, molecular electronics, separations technology, energy harvesting and storage

  • 16 years of laboratory experience with emphasis in R&D and analysis, and 15 years of teaching experience (High School, College, University, and Tutoring)

  • Highly experienced in synthesis and characterization of small and big molecules and polymers as well as in sample preparation, testing and analysis, and in instrumental and analytical techniques including NMR (1D & 2D), HPLC, GPC (SEC), Mass Spectrometry (MS, HR-MS and GC-MS), IR, UV-Vis, etc.

  • Excellent collaborative experience within multidisciplinary teams, and verbal and written communication skills towards scientific and non-scientific audiences

  • Highly experienced in performing research & analysis on scientific innovations, conducting prior art database searches, and analyzing patent and scientific papers & documents, preparing presentations to teach and explain details of innovations to attorneys and different business teams, and advising lawyers on technology issues in preparation for depositions

  • Also experienced in evaluating patentability & freedom to operate analyses of innovations, preparing patent applications, patentability, infringement and validity opinions, and responding to office actions regarding patent applications